COVID-19 : Restart Phase 3
(Updated as as of August 23 2021)


As British Columbia works through Phase 3 of their Restart Plan we will continue to make the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and our families a top priority. The company will continue to enforce the following policies and precautions at least until the Province moves into Phase 4 of the Restart plan. The date of the move to Phase 4 is pending as of August 23 2021.

These rules apply to everyone working in or visiting our facilities regardless of their current vaccination status.


  • Keep your Workspace Clean. Employees are expected to help keep their workspaces clean and the company will continue to clean & disinfect high traffic locations and regularly touched surfaces in offices, the shop floor and employee areas.

  • No Visitors. The company will continue to deny access to any un-scheduled visitors. Unless you are a pre-approved service provider you must have an appointment to visit the shop floor or offices. Visitors who do access our facilities must continue to wear a mask at all times.

  • Mandatory PPE. Employees are asked to continue wearing masks when speaking to others or working in close proximity. The company will continue to provide employees with access to protective masks & gloves.

  • Social Distancing. Employees are asked to maintain space of at least 2 meters between themselves and others in addition to following the maximum occupancy recommendations posted outside specific areas of the shop floor and offices.

  • Maintain Good Hygiene.  Employees are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, to wipe down common surfaces after use and to use the hand sanitizer supplied by the company located throughout the shop floor and office areas.

Vaccinations are key to ending the threat of COVID-19.

Get vaccinated today to protect yourself and those around you from infection.