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COVID-19 Policy 
(Updated April 8th 2022 - Transition to a Communicable Disease Plan)

Effective 12:01 AM April 8th 2022 the British Columbia government has removed the requirement for businesses to enforce a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Ellery Manufacturing has now transitioned from their COVID-19 Safety Plan to a Communicable Disease Plan.

Our Communicable Disease Plan is designed to be less restrictive than our previous COVID Plan while still providing a strong level of protection and safety. The new plan is meant to protect workers and company visitors from all types of common infectious diseases including COVID-19, Norovirus or Seasonal Influenza.

The following rules are in effect as of April 8 2022 and apply to everyone working in or visiting our facilities.


  • Workspace Cleanliness. Employees are expected to help keep their workspaces clean and the company will continue to clean & disinfect high traffic locations and regularly touched surfaces in offices, the shop floor and employee areas.

  • Visitors. The company will now accept visitors to our offices and production area. Visitors need to use their best judgement and NOT ENTER our facilities if they feel ill in any way. Masks are no longer mandatory but they will be provided for visitors who require them.

  • Health Checks. Health Checks are no longer required for anyone entering our facilities but all employees and visitors are expected to stay out if they don't feel well.

  • PPE. The company will continue supplying employees with protective masks. Masks are no longer mandatory but recommended for employees working closely with others.

  • Social Distancing. Social distancing rules and maximum room occupancy restrictions are no longer in effect.

  • Maintain Good Hygiene.  Employees are encouraged to wash their hands regularly, to wipe down common surfaces after use and to use the hand sanitizer supplied by the company located throughout the shop floor and office areas.

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