Canadian Controlled Goods Registration

Ellery Manufacturing has been officially registered and certified to take part in the Canadian Government’s Controlled Goods Program. This program, equal to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) in the United States allows Ellery Manufacturing to bid on projects for the military and aerospace related work.

Ellery Manufacturing News - Company approved as Canadian Controlled Goods Machine Shop.

The company earned its Controlled Goods designation by proving that it has the people. systems, processes and controls in place to effectively manage security sensitive projects.

The process to become part of the Controlled Goods Program isn't easy but being registered in the program shows potential customers and employees that you run a business that has proven itself capable of producing exceptional work and that you are dedicated to meeting the highest customer expectations for quality and security.

The company feels that their current machinery, systems, employees and facilities are well equipped to handle a wide variety of controlled goods projects with an emphasis on short run, custom large part production.